DISCflex™ Business Behaviors

An effective team is dependent upon more than just performance skills. Within an organization, it is imperative that managers and employees know how to act amongst themselves and between one another. The original DISCflex™ Business Behaviors program gives you the tools to manage your employees more effectively, improve your leadership skills, mitigate threats, and capture opportunities. This program focuses on improvement in the professional world.

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DISCflex™ College Edition

In school, students learn about the importance of performance within their desired career path. Universities focus heavily on knowledge, as they should; however, students sometimes fail to understand the importance of conducting themselves in a professional manner in the post-graduation "real world." Give your students the skills necessary to propel them to their dream career. Our program helps students excel in the professional environment by teaching them about effective time management, rational decision making, and much more.

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DISCflex™ Sales & Marketing

Top salespeople recognize that not all prospects are created equal. Depending on their behavioral style, they may need to be interacted with in different ways. DISCflex™ Sales & Marketing explains the difference between effective interaction with prospects who are detail-oriented versus big-picture focused, action-oriented versus risk-averse, etc.

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