What can DISCflex™ really do? Whether you’re selling a product, teaching a class, or just eager to learn, we’re here for you. Here are just some of the many things that our DISCflex™ program can help you with:

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Only 7% of communication is based on the
actual words during a conversation.

This means 93% is based on your specific
behavioral approach such as
tone of voice or body language.

Each session in the DISCflex™ course focuses
on using behavioral approaches to improve
communication skill sets.

Improve Productivity

According to the Standish Group,

74% of projects fail to meet one or
more of the following criteria:

  • Deliver on-time
  • Deliver on-budget
  • Deliver with the requested features

DISCflex™ training informs employees why this
occurs and how to improve results with
certain behavioral approaches.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The International Journal of Market Research suggests
customer loyalty is strongly driven by the relationships
that are built up between the sales and service teams and the customer.

Just a5% reduction in customer
defection rate can increase profits by
25% to 85%
depending on the industry.

The DISCflex™ program stresses the
importance of networking
and explains the intricacies, formalities,
and expectations related to
the salesperson-customer relationship.

Improve the Student Learning Experience

Increase student success by combining
eLearning with in-classroom instruction.

As of 2009, 89-93% of college students
use primarily web-based resources.

Australian Universities' Review says:

Knowing the students
on a deeper behavioral level
can improve the student retention rate.

The Office of Institutional Research at
Northern Virginia Community College says:

Connecting with student attributes
is a strong indicator of student retention.