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Team Coaching with DISCflex™

With DISCflex™, we help guide each individual to create a specific strategy to manage themselves and their teams. This gives them clear cut strategies to interact with different behavioral styles in terms of motivation and stress factors. Without this knowledge, it’s hard to create a cohesive and productive team environment due to the natural conflict between the four DISC factors. DISCflex™ guides each individual through proper practices to dial up and dial down their DISC factors to reach the best possible outcome for each stage of the process.


Background of Blended eLearning

Indaba Global has found – and many independent studies prove – that a mix of online training, webinars, in-classroom instruction, mentoring, consulting, and one-on-one or small group coaching into a collaborative effort yields the highest return on investment for any organization. However, this only occurs if all the components fit together in an integrated process and must be deployed in a comprehensive, strategically deployed manner. We created Indaba Global's Blended eLearning Approach to accomplish this feat.

Indaba Global's fully customized eLearning platform and content library can be strategically implemented within your organization at a fraction of the price compared to a 'build it yourself' solution. Indaba Global's online library of resources are complete with videos, audio, white papers, exercises, and samples of business models to guide the participating logged-in employees through the material in a self-directed or organization-directed manner (where participants are guided to selected course materials in a strategically deployed manner).

Please note that any level of customization can occur for any enterprise. The eLearning Platform can be adjusted to include proprietary materials - video, audio, PowerPoint, written, targeted log-in page with organization logo, etc. - from the organization. We have full capabilities for producing these for your organization or for simply hosting materials that you have produced.


In Classroom Instruction and Facilitation

Facilitation is defined as “the process of enabling groups to work cooperatively and effectively”. Facilitation is an adaptive condition and therefore requires skills and knowledge in the areas of change, behavior, process improvement, implementation, influence, communication, and presentation abilities. A skilled instructor/facilitator is trained in how to plan and carry out the facilitation process and to make certain that the participants carry out their instructional objectives. Costs associated with in-classroom instruction are dependent on the facilitator and the number of participants.


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